Sunday, July 6, 2014


During the last blog, I was talking about how much time social media sucked out of my day. However, this author has decided that Twitter has become a time tool. I allow myself two full hours to work on this site. Sometimes a bit more, but it is working to get my name out there. 

I have made so many contacts in the last few days, that I know it is going to pay off. I hope that payoff is sooner rather than later. :)

My book In My Closet has been seen or mentioned in about 50 tweets. My name has been tweeted or mentioned in about double that. 

Currently, my WIP is my sequel, In My Backyard and a new concept, Brooding School...Melba the little chick is afraid of her first day at brooding school, and Bert the big bro is going to help. 

Speaking, or rather tweeting with so many Indy authors, as well as publishing house authors this last week has kept me inspired, and well...liked. I have gotten many compliments and really love working with these new "tweeps". 

Next week, I will be blogging about middle school reading tips. Until next time...happy reading!

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