Monday, July 14, 2014

Reluctant Reader...What?.

"I hate to read." " Do I have to read?" " It's booooring." These are quotes from actual students, year after year, it's the samething, when it comes to reading class. Especially the classes that I teach...6th grade reading. There will be a special place in heaven for 6th grade teachers, and Homeschool moms that have this age group. Reading, is the last thing on many of these kiddos minds. However, I have a soft spot for them, and know that I can open up a world full of books for them by the time they leave my class.  I always say, you might not love to read when you leave my class, but you will love to appreciate reading when I am done with you.

I have come up with a list of my favorite tips that you, parents, can help with if you have a young guy or gal that is a bit ehh, when it comes to the dreaded R word...reading.

Tip 1: Connect with their passion.
Watch what your kiddos are in to...skateboards, gardens, sports, pets, yodeling? There is a book for that!  Help them find some books that have their passion and focus.

Tip 2:  Books with funny pictures and silly stories.
Who doesn't like to laugh? Find some books that are silly and tickle your funny bone as well as theirs. Captain Underpants anyone?

Tip 3:  Series books are a good start. 
A great series of books is akin to a good television show, even better in most cases. Maze Runner, Hunger Games, Little House on the Praire...give em a try.

Tip 4:  Explore books that are not required to read in a classroom setting.
Sometimes finding a love for reading has to be cultivated in a library or bookstore. Try to encourage your child to foster reading for pure enjoyment and not a grade.

Tip 5:  Explore books with learning as a hidden gem.
Caring for pets, build a birdhouse, learn a magic trick, build a soda bottle rocket, just to spark an interest, have these books accidentally lying on your coffee table.

Tip 6:  Search Indy Authors.
Let me tell you, there are so many great books written by authors that don't have a big publisher behind them, but know what it takes to write a great book. A lot of books out there written specifically for reluctant reading kiddos.

Tip 7:  Model, Model, Model.
You can be reading's biggest advocate. Have books and magazines not only on your end tables, but hold them in your hands. Look at the words, smile while you read and...say "Hey Johnny, guess what I just read..."

I do want to mention some authors that have great books out there, of course I shamelessly plug myself.

Mrs. D is a worthy picture book author with great stories and fun book trailers that hook kiddos. Meaghan Fisher, excellent lessons in her books. Laura Lee Scott, Cat Michaels are great ones to search. Tierney James sends you a zombie message with a twist...nutrition! K.Lamb sends you a fun mystery series starring Dani, kids love it! Tim Davis gives you a kindle copy when you purchase his book Sea Cutter.

Happy Reading.

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  1. Great tips for parents. I know several elementary teachers that have told me they do not like to read. Ever! So I love that kids can catch you reading or retelling about the things that grab your imagination. I hope you post this on Twitter. Great advice.