Monday, July 21, 2014

Promote, Promote, Promote

So, you have that book written, you have typed "The End" what now? That is/was my big question, so I set out to see what the most common steps are to Indy publishing marketing. 

1.  Promote Early.
During all stages of our books, we make contacts along the way. Keep track of who has helped you research your book. Use them as a constant support through out your writing journey. If they have a great interest in your book, due to their vested time, shoot them an email or tweet updating them on progress. Celebrate each milestone you reach and have a party, including all those involved from the beginning. Everyone loves a promotion party.

2.  Use the Web.
This seems like a no-brainer, but one we need to access heavily for promoting. find communities and forums that support your research or book ideas. Ask questions, contribute to others, get advice, and give it. We are all experts in something and novices at others. Don't be afraid to reach out. Make sure you add your links to your emails or web page. 

3. Blog, Blog, Start a Blog.
Create that spot where you jot your process of your book down. Promote others on your blog as well as self promote. Create interviews, have fun... show off! It's yours. 

4. Don't Stop at The End.
Do you have 25 wonderful, amazing reviews of your book? No? Well, that's ok, keep working on it until your friends, experts and significant others say "Wow, best book ever!" Then, ask them to do the real review on places you will have your book, like Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Goodreads. Speaking of reviews, have you reviewed my book? Here is the link to buy it and leave an amazing review.

5.  Media Kits.
Invest a bit of your money, since you have already invested your time, Ina nice head shot, some nice business cards ( not the ones you print yourself, you are a professional now) a glossy bio card with your book cover on one side and you and your information on the other side.

6. Have fun.
Go into the promotional part of your book with a positive attitude. It is necessary, as books won't sell themselves. Even James Patterson is out there shamelessly peddling his wares!

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