Monday, June 23, 2014

The Great Time Suck

Social media perhaps started out as a way to connect with friends and family. I have to assume that is true, as I don't know the backstory of Facebook or Twitter. But I do know the afterword, at least for this author.

Social media is now a large cornerstone of marketing plans in all aspects of business. That being said, after talking with many of my new friends since publishing a children's story, I have asked them all what they are working on themselves, and the number one answer is not much but social marketing.

Everyone I see is beating the keys, sending out the pleas for the purchase of a book. A plea to read their blog. A plea for a good review, a pre-buy or a like for an author page...I must build my following so a publisher will notice me!  Is this a fun way to spend writing time for an author? They are writing... and no more than a 140 characters at a time, but writing none the less. Not much time left in the day after checking Google plus, Comments on the blog, e mail, tweets, Facebook contacts. Hence the "Time Suck" title.

Probably not the most positive of blogs, but I will perk back up, just a bit sloggy this Monday morning. I will spend my day reading blogs and e books and articles on ways to increase my audience through the world wide net. The bright spot I see in this day's plan, is I hope that a tweet, a Facebook post, or word of mouth marketing bug reaches one buyer of a sweet children's book that I have published. ( like that personal plug) Onward and upward my friends! 

Happy writing...happy social marketing!

P.s. Link to that sweet children's book.

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  1. Hang in there! You'll get the hang of it. Just give yourself a time limit in the morning & afternoon.