Saturday, August 8, 2015

Art Walk with an Author's Twist

A friend of mine had a great idea to blog about my experience at a recent book signing. My blog is a story in progress about my  journeys as a fledgling writer. What I learned last night...

1. Downtown Springfield, Missouri is a work in progress.
2. The Park Central Library crew are gracious, caring and from what I could tell patient.
3.  Homeless people love to talk to authors about their books. Each one of the less fortunate that stopped gave me encouragement.
4. Just because you can't read, doesn't mean you are not curious. A lady stopped and although she couldn't read, asked about each book. Then she explained her ADD and was real involved in the story and just as she hooked me...squirrel.
5. Children's picture books are not high on the list of sale priorities downtown, but the candy, ink pens, and other bling are invaluable.
6. Many people write, and were interested in our ORA writing group...well, they took a card anyway. I hope to see them nonetheless.
7. A retired member of our group does not have time to write because she is addicted to WarCraft, thanks to her Navy son, whom she plays with online while he is away. Tee hee.
8. An indecisive man could not choose who to give the homemade bag of chicken feed (give a ways for Brooding School Blues) to his ex-wife or his current girl friend. I am unsure of the cause of confusion, but seemed to have settled it before he left the library.
9. Glass blowing is a popular art walk table.
10. There are a lot of people that need 50 cents from me. 
11. Some women gathered a group for equal nip rights, and showed off their pasties two doors down from our wonder my sales were a bit off. 
12. I will continue to do odd signings, if for nothing else I get great writing ideas. 
13. Pasties are 5 for a, you do the Math. 
14. The only pasty for this writer.

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  1. What a terrific idea! This was a fun idea to recap the evening. You are right. It really isn't a kid event so probably children's authors might not do well in this venue. You were awesome and have learned so much about self promotion in the last year. Your books are going to make some kiddos smile.