Friday, November 28, 2014

The Incredible Vanishing Act of the "Like"

I was thankful to get a friend of a friend to set me up with a FB group, like for a like. Incredible results. I am deeply greatful, as in this world of self-pub, a following is what is necessary to get your name and books out there for that sale.

I reached a goal for likes and was incredibly excited at the thumbs up just rolling in! I, was busy returning the like, as that is the purpose of the site. So stoked that I invited a few other Indy authors to participate. The pings were incredible. A busy, busy time...for two or three days. Then...

My likes began to deminish, instead of gaining ground, I started losing ground. Wow, can you believe some fellow authors unlike you as soon as you like them, just to get your like? I was floored. That type of thought never entered my mind. In a devious voice, " I will post on this page and fake likes so I get the gain. Mwahhahah". Really folks? 

In some defense, I am sure once some of these authors viewed the pages and thought hmm not for me. But, in this type of group, you should have known there would be likes you didn't perhaps expect, but me, being fairly logical thought, well, support is support. Then, I got unsupported 75 times. Well,
Let it be known that I did not go and check my list twice, and compare my page of likes to see who unliked me, you still have my like. You will continue to have it, as I am proud to support fellow authors. Even though you are on Santa's naughty list...he checks his list twice.

To everyone out there struggling to get your books sold and your words read...Have a Happy Holiday!

Your Likeable Friend,

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  1. I've decided it isn't worth it. Most of the people will never look at my work. The likes are suppose to be a reflection of interested people who believe in you. After I got "unliked" by several I followed it began to be more trouble than it was worth. Thanks for posting your concerns. I feel the same way.