Sunday, August 3, 2014

To Market To Market...

I researched, looked, surfed and pondered the marketing world in self publishing. There are already some great blogs, how-to sites, sites that talk about the world of Indy marketing that anything I could say would seem trite. However, the top commonality is this one thing...

1.  Believe in your book. 
If you believe in your book and your words, then you already have a head start on the competition who is under a contract with a publishing company. You are under contract with your self. You know it's a great product, a reflection of you, so all that social media, finding your own venues for signings, submitting and spending your own money for awards or reviews, are part of the game. Guess what? It will work. Keep it up! Nose to your personal grindstone! Top seller list here you come!

This is a short little blog, but believe me when I say I spent hours reading other sites.
Here are a few that I read that may be of interest to you. › Home › Authors › PW Select

The book I believe in

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