Friday, July 26, 2013

An Encouraging Cup of Coffee

Have you ever seen one of those made for television movies that showcase a friendship built around coffee?  Me either.  But, if there was ever one made, it would have resembled my morning spent with Tierney James. 

When I went there, I knew that I had a hundred questions for my friend about her journey to becoming a writer, no scratch that, a successful writer.  Tierney has worked very hard at learning the ins and outs of writing, and hitching my star to her coattail almost seemed like cheating.  But, the ever gracious mentor that she has become to me over the last decade didn't even bat an eye at helping me get started.

She is so encouraging and loving in a way that you don't even know that you are inspired until you are walking away from a visit with her, with a daunting list of things to do just to get your feet wet in the world of writing...and still want to try.

My many thanks to my friend Tierney.  Even if my star does not soar, it will go on a great ride if I keep it attached to her.

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